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All about the books

Have you read any self-help books on how to be successful? Some are great sources of inspiration, some claim to have secret powers, and some are supposed to be step by step guides to your own success. Do they live up to the claims on the cover? I’m going to take a look at some of them, see if they make sense and then try out what they advise. Will be posting my thoughts and what happens in here.


Can I create success?


I am brand new to this world of blogging. Having spent some time online trying to find ways to change my life, I thought I would write about what I am up to and how it is going.

Currently I work hard to support my family, but due to some poor choices, and a series of unfortunate events, I am not in the place I want to be right now. I know I got here based on my own efforts, but definitely had a few curve balls along the way. I have in the past tried some self-help remedies to boost my personal success with very mixed results. Now is time to take stock, get a grip and make some changes. I do not expect it will be easy, and I have no guarantees, but let’s see what happens.

So to sum up, my starting point is pretty rubbish and 100% not working for me. I am prepared and willing to give it a shot, so my question to myself, and to anyone reading this is “can I create success?”.

A bunch of questions to go with “Can I create Success?” would be

What does success look like?

Where do I start?

Where can I get help?

It doesn’t take long with search engines to come up with thousands of online resources for success in all its forms be it personal, emotional, financial and so on. Which ones are real and worthy of my time and which ones are scams or just simply a waste of time? How can I tell? Has anyone been there, done that who can help me avoid the pitfalls? Maybe it will be me testing them out, so I can help others to know what’s good and what’s not.

I plan to document my journey, this is just the start.